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Where Do Scandinavians Travel Abroad?

Travel habits have changed for most people during 2020 and 2021, but we can still get a decent idea of where Scandinavians like to travel by looking at data from 2019 and comparing that to more recent data, which of course will slowly return to “normal” as restrictions gradually disappear.

Why do Scandinavians travel so much?

Scandinavians are thought to travel a lot due to a combination of three things: high average incomes, harsh winter weather conditions, and a high cost of living.

When the cold winter winds start making conditions pretty bleak in the Nordics, it’s not hard to understand why anyone would like to get away for some warmth and sunshine — even if just for a week.  

Traveling is of course expensive, but when you have a good average income and life is cheaper abroad than at home, it’s even easier to see why Scandinavians travel so much.

Where do Scandinavians travel these days?

Scandinavians travel a lot within the region — especially so during 2020 and 2021 — but when they go outside of the Nordics they generally prefer warmer destinations in countries like Spain, Greece, France, Germany, Thailand, Turkey, and Italy.

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