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DREAM TO REALITY is the latest leading provider of holiday homes and offers thousands unique places to stay in around the world. we bring simplicity to booking and traveling. we care for you. we want you to earn a fair deal while hosting.

At, We believe in the future of shared accommodations. Newly founded, we work towards a travel and hosting experience that truly connects the world, allowing any kind of traveler to stay in any kind of accommodation.

Do you want to host travelers? You can earn so much more with us! Opposite to the current rental market with high booking fees, we do not take any booking fee from host.

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If you are looking  to add your cottage one of our collections….

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Browse and find your perfect holiday home with us!

When you have your perfect place, contact the host and book it in a few simple steps!

Stay at your accommodation and enjoy the world of OverseaRenatls!


Less searching, more choosing

If you know what you’re looking for, then our optimised search functionality will help you find the right Holiday home quickly and easily.

Need inspiration?

Holiday homes are like hidden gems, so finding your perfect escape isn’t always easy. We’re continually creating different collections and adding new properties – so if you’re searching for a child-friendly, pet-friendly or even walking-boot friendly holiday, then you’ve come to the right place.

No booking fee

At OverseaRentals, you can directly get in touch with the host and make the booking without paying any kind of booking fee or service fee like the current rental market.

We believe in traveling and want to make it as easy as possible for you. We work from different cities, different continents and are always in a run to catch the next best spot. Therefore we know how important is to stay and relax in just a space perfectly suited to your needs. We bring simplicity to booking and traveling and we care for you, we want you to earn a fair deal while hosting.