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Erlingur and Ingvar

Reykjavik, Iceland

Erlingur & Ingvar started their business in 20th of September when they bought their first land in Gri es, south of Iceland. They used up their savings for the down payment and got a loan to pay the rest. They started planting treas and digging for streams. On 17th of June they received their first shipment of material for building a cabin. They worked very hard, along side their jobs as engineers in Reykjavik, for 9 months building this cabin. On 10th of March the first guests arrived to the cabin. Two couples from India. Since then the cabin has more or less been rented out. We are grateful to be a part of people’s vacation and to participate in people experiencing comfort and memories. Since then they have bought another land, two apartments in Reykjavik and are heading strong into to add more properties. Erlingur & Ingvar want their customers to experience the most comfort in their properties. That memories are created that will last a life time. Renting out a property is not just about selling a bed each night, it is about selling people the best vacation experience they have ever lived. “Don’t buy accommodation, buy experience” – Arctic Homes

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230 € /night
6 Guests · 3 Bedrooms · 1 Bathroom
230 € /night
200 € /night
6 Guests · 2 Bedrooms · 1 Bathroom
200 € /night